The technique of stop motion animation involves the manipulation of movement through time. Shooting each frame of film, the animator subtly alters the models position with incremental changes constructing a movement over a sequence of frames. When the film is viewed at normal speed the character appears to move of its own volition. Of course the hard work done by the production crew is hidden between and beyond each frame of film to allow the illusion to be complete.
Puppet characters in cycho's productions have been constructed from plasticine, foam latex and even artificial fur (and sometimes a combination of all three). Using talented and experienced sculptors and mold-makers, cycho have created a range of animal, humanoid, alien and other creatures to star in their productions. Each of the characters has an internal skeleton called an armature constructed from aluminium or stainless steel which feature ball and plate joints. The armature allows the character to be held firmly to the set in normally unbalanced positions.
To aid in plotting a character's movement cycho uses computer video assist. As the sequence is being shot it is digitally captured with the previous frame displayed on a playback monitor for the animator to use as a guide. This allows the animator to manipulate the character's movement with accuracy and confidence, as well as to keep check that all elements of the shot (the camera, lighting, sets, props and characters,) do not move accidentally.